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In the rage of our argument, I grabbed his arm and tucked my sharp milk teeth into his chocolate skin. My child doesn’t bite, but this spirited little girl slaps. I would grab her hand in motion, and glare at her with my evil eye and issue a warning.

Jan says: “Getting everything right is extremely hard, but its also very satisfying when everything comes together.” Reaching heights of up to 7 meters in the water, Malin makes surfing look so easy! Well, the lifestyle, the mountains, the best beaches and of course the greatest conditions for kite surfing! Listen out for the wind howling at 30 to 40 knots and the gurgling of the water as our cameras go kitesurfing with Malin Kirjonen Follow Malin on Instagram here I once bit my brother. I think my child is an angel, on the playground she is not.

The natural response to when people ask us how we are, is to tell them how “well” or “fine” we are. I think of my accountants, whom I reprimanded for truly being the worst, or the shop assistant whom I complimented and had to hold back because I didn’t want her to think that I am creepy.

“ Garden service arrives on Wednesday and a delivery will come for me Thursday afternoon. Cellar master Charles Hopkins combines the most modern winemaking techniques with a nod to the farm’s heritage, eco-caring ethos and commitment to quality.

3rd Baronet Sir David Graaff established the vineyards and modern wine cellar, a legacy now continued by his son, Sir De Villiers.

De Grendel wines are available online, at the De Grendel Tasting Room, De Grendel Restaurant and specialty wine stores countrywide.

I’ve made a drs appointment on Wednesday in case one of the babies are sick. De Grendel’s online shop at offers easy, fast and secure online shopping with delivery countrywide.

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EAB x Just when I thought traveling in Cape Town can not get any more exciting, I bumped into Malin Kirjonen.

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