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Instead of listening on an i Pod or crappy computer speakers, they will go back to listening on a nice stereo.

Hopefully, because that is what I like.”Jeordie : “That’s what it boils down to.

If people aren’t buying records, then you need to make them for cheaper.

The big record executives with the huge expense accounts have got to disappear.

It’s mostly just a studio thing.”Jeordie : “We hope to. I’d say in October, maybe.”Jeordie : “I think it makes more music available to more people. I still go to record stores and buy vinyl, that’s still part of my life.

But there’s a whole generation of people that it’s not, they just go on the Internet and download it, whether they pay for it or not. Anyone who argues with it is just stuck in the past, and shooting themselves in the foot.

But I had something to do with it [so there is a connection].

We tried to think out of the box, not writing to anyone’s expectations but our own.”Jeordie : “It’s different on every song.

The stuff we had from him wasn’t structured like a normal song, it was more like little freak-out jams that we did.

And then again, you don’t need to spend that much money on an album anymore.

People who own the studios and are charging a thousand dollars a day or more to use their studio, that’s got to disappear.

Both our schedules are pretty full, so whenever we had the opportunity we’d make music.

We just did it for fun, not as a job or with any thought of going on tour or anything like that.

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Because that’s where all the money that people are spending is going anyway, to the record companies.

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