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My favorite “bad girl” of gospel Le’Andria Johnson starts the episode off crooning “Better days are coming.”…”Sometimes it feels cold and you feel all alone, but better days are coming.” Lady Mae is obviously reminiscing as she pulls out a newspaper clipping from when her deceased brother Uncle Mac won the Man of the Year Award earlier this year.

(So I saw Uncle Mac aka Greg Alan Williams at the Atlanta premiere of “A Question of Faith” on Monday night.

Once the presentations are done, Zora and Sophia are free to have fun or jam with their boyfriends on the dance floor.

Jacob cannot help but smile as he watches his baby dance.

He actually stars in the movie which comes out on Friday!

”) She also takes a look at a mysterious deed and a double strand of pearls.

He tells Kerissa that she should be able to hang out late for the evening, but he changes his tune once she tells him that she found a condom in their daughter’s room. Although it may look like Zora and Isaiah better known to me as Gospel Chris Brown or Christian Breezy (what someone called him on Twitter LOL) are having a great time, they are actually bickering on the dance floor.

Per usual, he storms off and Zora chases behind him. She witnesses Isaiah hitting Zora and runs back to tell Jacob what happened! After Jacob hits Isaiah, he says, “You better be happy I didn’t kill you boy.” Obviously, this is a spectacle in the middle of the cotillion.

There’s been quite a bit of discussion recently about how Beyonce’s rendition of “Take My Hand, Precious Lord” on the Grammys came to happen and shouldn’t have happened at all. Plus early heads up about new tees, new contributors, and our events. Lady Mae correctly surmises that Isaiah isn’t the best of boyfriends, but that doesn’t matter to Zora, she tells Sophia. Wearing a regal blue taffeta gown that cinches at the waist and flairs out and her hair swept up in a bun high atop her head, Lady Mae is ready for the cotillion! I was having difficulty accepting who I am, and what I’ve done. in a professional setting, she makes her intentions crystal clear. Rochelle goes back to Tasha and reveals the secret I’ve been wondering about since she showed up.But that doesn’t stop her from shutting down Kevin, yes, Kevin who has finally returned to the Greenleaf estate! But I’m ready to be a father again.” He asks her to tell Charity what he said, but she is not trying to hear his excuses. “He’s my son, and I have rights.” Chile, Lady Mae asks Maricel to have Kevin’s car brought to the front of the estate so that he can leave. “I told that brother of mine there is more than one way to skin a Greenleaf.I don’t care how we do it as long as it hurts bad.” And there you have it.Remember I said in a previous recap that the caretaker who died in that church fire started by Bishop was supposed to have a daughter not a son.

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